UPA Telecom Ltd

Dialling codes with numbers allocated to UPA Telecom Ltd

Number allocations are approximate, and are calculated from published Ofcom data. The fact that numbers are allocated to a provider does not necessarily mean that they are all in use.

Code Type Location/Description Numbers
020 Geographic London 1000
0560 UK-wide Freephone 1000
07417 Non-geographic Mobile services 10000
0800 UK-wide Freephone Numbers 100
0843 UK-wide Special Services basic rate: up to and including 5p for BT customers (non-internet) 5000
0872 UK-wide Special Services higher rate: up to and including 10p for BT customers (non-internet) 1000
0903 UK-wide Special Services, open ended time dependent charge or fixed fee up to £1.50 for BT customers 6000
0983 UK-wide Sexual Entertainment Services at a Premium Rate for BT customers 6000
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