07094 Dialling Code

07094 is a Non-geographic dialling code used for Personal Numbers telephone numbers.

The correct way to format a number in the 07094 code is:

07094 nnnnnn (for dialling within the UK)
+44 7094 nnnnnn (for dialling from outside the UK)

Typical call costs to 07094 numbers

These are different from mobile numbers and calls to them are more expensive. They can be used as a "follow me" service where calls are diverted from another number. Small businesses and sole traders use them to make it easy to manage calls.

Personal numbers are also sold on a one-off basis, for example when someone is buying or selling a used car and doesn’t want to advertise their private mobile or fixed line number on a website or magazine.

070 numbers can cost between 5p and 50p per minute if calling from a landline (and often include a call set-up fee, sometimes of up to 50p). From a mobile phone these numbers can cost up to £1.00 per minute.

Allocated subsets of numbers in 07094

Prefix Telecommunications Provider Use Last Change Notes
070940 Xero 9 Limited Personal Numbers 11/2003 10 Digit Numbers
070941 Telsis Systems Ltd Personal Numbers 03/2001 10 Digit Numbers
070943 i-Net Communications Group Plc Personal Numbers 08/2007 10 Digit Numbers
070944 Syntec UK Ltd Personal Numbers 03/2004 10 Digit Numbers
070945 Yim Siam Telecom Personal Numbers 12/2008 10 Digit Numbers
070947 Yim Siam Telecom Personal Numbers 12/2008 10 Digit Numbers
070948 Magrathea Telecommunications Limited Personal Numbers 09/2003 10 Digit Numbers
070949 Cheers International Sales Limited Personal Numbers 02/2008 10 Digit Numbers

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